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Richards v Worcestershire County Council [2016] EWHC 1954 (Ch)

After-care "The present proceedings were issued on 6 March 2015. They seek to recover sums totalling £644,645.87, which, it is said, were spent by Mr Richards' deputy on his behalf on providing him with care. The claim is based on section 117 of the 1983 Act. It is Mr Richards' case that section 117 applied when he was released from hospital in 2004 and that, accordingly, the defendants had a duty to provide him with after-care services. He contends that that duty extended to the provision of the various services which have thus far been paid for privately. ... There are essentially two issues to consider: (i) Is it in principle possible for Mr Richards to bring a restitutionary claim? (ii) If so, can the present claim be pursued otherwise than by way of judicial review?"


Full judgment: BAILII


Date: 28/7/16🔍

Court: High Court (Chancery Division)🔍



  • Richards (Kenneth John)🔍
  • Worcestershire County Council🔍
  • South Worcestershire Clinical Commissioning Group🔍

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