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Contact details

Please email jonathan at (replace 'at' with the @ symbol).


If you have any document (e.g. case transcript) or information (e.g. whether a case is being appealed) which could usefully be published, then please send it by email. Also please email if you have any ideas for the site. See Contributors.


Case citations

In a development which may enthuse some more than others, I have at last (November 2016) written an extension which: (1) overcomes a software limitation which previously meant that all citations contained round brackets (square brackets are used in citations if the year is needed to identify the case or article, which is true for all neutral citation numbers); and (2) checks BAILII each time a neutral citation number appears on MHLO and automatically adds a BAILII link if the judgment is available there (links appear in blue text: the automatic external links have dotted underlining, normal external links have solid underlining, and internal links to other MHLO pages are not underlined). You can see an example of the extension at work on the R (Lee-Hirons) v SSJ [2016] UKSC 46, [2016] MHLO 38 page.

Text and links

Text with a highlighted background is a direct quotation, e.g. from statute.

Internal links look like this

Red links are internal links to pages which don't exist yet.

External links look like this.

Automatically-generated external links look like this (e.g. Bailii links created whenever a neutral citation number appears in the text).

Some external links are marked as follows:

† A backup has been kept, but not uploaded onto the website: get in touch if you need to view a document but the link is broken
‡ Click on this symbol to view a backup copy. Please also contact me about the broken link

NB The software won't allow the following characters in page titles: & ?