Re X, Y and Z (Minors) [2014] EWHC 872 (COP), [2014] MHLO 6

"On 20th and 29th November 2013, sitting as a judge in the Family Division and in the Court of Protection, I made final orders by consent in two conjoined proceedings (1) under Part IV of the Children Act 1989 care orders in respect of three children and (2) under the Mental Capacity Act 2005 authorising the payment of sums to facilitate the care of the children from funds held in trust for their mother who is a person lacking capacity within the meaning of the 2005 Act. This judgment sets out the reasons for making those orders."


The judgment has been published on Bailii with the neutral citation number [2014] EWHC 87_2 (COP).

Bailii has changed the neutral citation to: [2014] EWCOP 87Not on Bailii!_2.

Probably these are typos and the neutral citation numbers should be: [2014] EWHC 872 (COP)Not on Bailii! and [2014] EWCOP 872Not on Bailii! respectively.

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