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Re FL; HN v FL and Hampshire CC [2011] EWHC 2894 (COP)

'The primary issues requiring determination by the court were as follows: (1) FL’s capacity to make personal welfare decisions; (2) FL’s mental health needs; (3) FL’s medication; (4) The Z Home’s ability to meet FL’s physical and mental health needs; (5) Whether HN had conducted herself inappropriately or whether such conduct was justified; (6) Whether HCC and or The Z Home conducted themselves inappropriately or whether such conduct was justified; (7) Depending on the outcome of (5) and (6) whether restrictive orders should be made.' 'IPL were permitted to publish details about the case subject to the restrictions in that order.' [Summary required.]


Hearing: 27th to 30th September 2011

Before: DJ Ralton

The Applicant appeared in person

Ms Scott Counsel for the First Respondent (on 30th September 2011 only)

Ms Butler-Cole Counsel for the Second Respondent

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Terri Judd, 'Woman's plea for more access to disabled sister rejected by judge' (Independent, 1/10/11)