Leave of absence

Under s17, the RC can allow a detained patient out of hospital temporarily on leave of absence. He can attach conditions on the leave, e.g. that it must be escorted rather than unescorted, or that it is limited to a certain area. The leave can be short-term (e.g. 1 hour) or longer-term (e.g. 2 weeks). The RC can have the patient recalled to hospital under if necessary (see s17(4), also s18).

The Justice Secretary's consent is required for leave to be granted to restricted patients. He can effectively impose conditions by stating upon what conditions the permission is granted. Either the RC or the Justice Secretary can recall the patient.

If a particular hospital unit was specified when the patient was admitted then MoJ permission is required for s17 leave beyond the confines of that unit. Otherwise, the RC can informally give leave within the hospital grounds without using s17 at all. See Power to specify hospital units.

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