Ethical and conduct issues for lawyers

These are draft notes.

Sources of information

There are various sources of assistance:

  • All solicitors must abide by the Solicitors Regulation Authority Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007;[1] barristers and legal executives must abide by the rules of their professional bodies.
  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority operate a Professional Ethics helpline which is available on 0870 606 2577 from 9am to 5pm on weekdays. If you have any ethical dilemmas it is wise to call them and keep a detailed attendance note of the conversation on the file.
  • The Mental Health Lawyers Association have published a Code of Conduct for Representatives[3] which members must follow.
  • Some hospitals and Trusts have also published their own codes of conduct.

Common issues

Common issues include: (1) confidentiality, and when breaching the client's confidentiality is permissible; (2) capacity, and what action to take in the client's best interests if the client lacks capacity to provide instructions on all or certain issues; (3) proper behaviour on a hospital ward; (4) non-disclosure orders issued by the Tribunal, and what action to take on behalf of the client. [Detail required.]

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