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Court of Protection User Group

"The purpose of the Court User Group is to provide a forum for discussion for matters causing concern for Court Users and views and comments on policy issues."

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  • Minutes of Court User Group Meeting (17/10/18) — (1) Apologies. (2) Minutes and Action points. (3) Court Manager’s Report: (a) Issue volumes; (b) Disposals; (c) Timeliness; (d) Backlogs; (e) COP 9s; (f) Multiple Points of Entry. (4) Filing of Bundles on time. (5) Delays in dealing with applications and urgent applications. (6) Update on court dress in public hearings. (7) Removal of bundles after Hearing. (8) E-Bundles. (9) Update on Accredited Legal Representatives (ALR). (10) Bonding of Lay deputies. (11) Capacity regarding financial scams. (12) Use of professional visitors. (13) Any other business. (14) Date of next meeting: Tuesday 23/4/19 at 2pm at First Avenue House.§
  • COPUG minutes. Minutes of Court User Group Meeting (11/4/19) — (1) Apologies; (2) Minutes and Action points; (3) Court Manager's Report; (4) Update on the Mental Capacity Amendment Bills; (5) Response to correspondence; (6) Update on ALR scheme; (7) Contacting the court by telephone; (8) Update on progress of e-bundling; (9) COP9 papers not served; (10) COP General visitors using insecure IT equipment when visiting lay deputies; (11) Dealing with urgent applications; (12) Applications for authorities outside the standard terms of deputyship; (13) Request for consideration of a streamlined property and affairs process; (14) Amendment of property and affairs order templates to include reference to support for making decisions when P has capacity; (15) Naming solicitors in judgments; (16) Any other business. Next meeting: 15/10/19 at 1400, at First Avenue House.