St James' Hospital, Portsmouth

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e.g. "Hospital - NHS", "Hospital - private", "Independent psychiatrist", "Barrister", "Law firm". You can have more than one (separated with a comma)

Hospital - NHS🔍

Don't repeat the place name (just include the address). If there's a "Related place" for a person then type N/A here

Woodlands Walk, Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO4 8GB


State what the number is for (e.g. switchboard). Can include more than one

0300 123 6620


Can include more than one


State what the number is for.


MHA Office

Include name, email, telephone. Also include: (a) medical records contact details if different; (b) how to obtain evidence of patients' Legal Aid eligibility

Alison, Chris & Dawn - 0300 123 6620


Include names, patients' phone, and staff phone

Hawthorns Ward
Maple Ward (PICU)

Responsible Authority

For inclusion in MHT applications. See Responsible authority for definitions

Solent NHS Trust🔍

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Contact Type Address
Biscoes Solicitors Law firm Kingston Place 62-68 Kingston Crescent, North End, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO2 8AQ
Gary Spencer-Humphrey Independent social worker Independent AMHP Independent BIA Trainer Independent investigations Expert Social Worker Ltd, Suite 12 Grove Chambers, 95 Elm Grove, Portsmouth, Hampshire, PO5 1LH

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