Online CPD scheme providing 12 hours for £60: suitable for solicitors, barristers, psychiatrists, social workers and psychiatric nurses
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Glenbourne Unit

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e.g. "Hospital - NHS", "Hospital - private", "Independent psychiatrist", "Barrister", "Law firm". You can have more than one (separated with a comma)

Hospital - NHS🔍

Context dependent, e.g. specialism (for lawyers/experts), directions/parking (for a place), website

Acute Admissions
Situated on the Main Derriford Hospital Site.


Don't repeat the place name (just include the address). If there's a "Related place" for a person then type N/A here

Moralix Drive, Derriford, Plymouth, PL6 5AF


State what the number is for (e.g. switchboard). Can include more than one

01752 763013 (Main Reception)


Can include more than one


Document Exchange (generally only for solicitors and barristers)


State what the number is for.

01752 763133 (Main Recpetion)

MHA Office

Include name, email, telephone. Also include: (a) medical records contact details if different; (b) how to obtain evidence of patients' Legal Aid eligibility

MHA Office - Amanda Williams, Helen Link and Chrissie Breeze
Tel: 01752 517609
Fax: 01752 517985


Include names, patients' phone, and staff phone

Bridford Ward (Female) 01752 435990
Harford (Male) 01752 435574

Responsible Authority

For inclusion in MHT applications. See Responsible authority for definitions

Livewell Southwest (CIC)🔍

Google Map

Google Maps directions. This will take you to Google's website, or app on your device (e.g. smartphone)

Other places within 3 miles of here (if listed in the Magic Book) are shown on the map using grey marker(s).

Openlayers Map

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