Craig Ward

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e.g. "Hospital - NHS", "Hospital - private", "Independent psychiatrist", "Barrister", "Law firm". You can have more than one (separated with a comma)


Context dependent, e.g. specialism (for lawyers/experts), directions/parking (for a place), website

Speaker on mental capacity law, the Court of Protection, managing vulnerable adults, elder mediations, commercial incapacity law, legal compliance and business lasting powers of attorney.

Author of the Law Society's textbook on Lasting Powers of Attorney (3rd Edition 2016).


Don't repeat the place name (just include the address). If there's a "Related place" for a person then type N/A here

Related place

See Garden Court Chambers for an example - each barrister has "Garden Court Chambers" as the barrister's "related place". You can have none (leave blank), one, or more (separated with a comma)

Craybeck Law LLP

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07943 160955


Can include more than one

Google Map

See Craybeck Law LLP for a Google map and a list of nearby places.

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