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Armed Forces Act 1996

"An Act to continue the Army Act 1955, the Air Force Act 1955 and the Naval Discipline Act 1957; to amend those Acts and other enactments relating to the armed forces; to make further provision in relation to proceedings before service courts; to provide for the taking of fingerprints and samples from offenders convicted in service proceedings; to amend the Courts-Martial (Appeals) Act 1968; to make further provision in relation to complaints to industrial tribunals by members of the armed forces; to provide for further exemptions from the Firearms Act 1968; to make further provision in relation to Greenwich Hospital; to amend the Visiting Forces Act 1952; and for connected purposes." Schedule 7 repeals MHA 1983 s46.


Full text:

Type: UK Public General Act🔍

Year: 1996🔍

Number: 46

Subject: Legislation amending MHA 1983🔍

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